Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy centers around finding opportunities for all students to actively engage in the learning process, often by teaching and learning from their classmates.  I have used Team-Based Learning, a variety of active learning techniques, and technologies such as GoogleDocs and classroom response systems (Poll Everywhere) to achieve this goal.  

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Certificate in College and University Teaching:

I completed a Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT), awarded by the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The CCUT is a multi-year training process, which includes: 

  • Serving as a teaching assistant, with appropriate training and videotape consultation of teaching
  • Graduate course in pedagogy 
  • Implementation and analysis of a new technology in the classroom
  • Teach a course as Instructor of Record
  • Preparation of CCUT Portfolio (Available upon request, ~80 pages)

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Instructor of Record:

Intro to American Government and Politics: Syllabus

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in American Politics: Syllabus

Teaching Assistant:

Intro to Research Methods in Political Science: Sample Syllabus

Simulated Congress

The Politics of Education Policy

Intro to American Politics

Additional Teaching Interests:

Political Psychology

Political Participation

Voting and Elections

Public Opinion